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Life is a journey, and we all want to do it well. We have dreams and desires and our own thoughts on how to achieve these goals. Simplified Success: 5 Keys to an Amazing Life lays out some very practical and sound fundamental principles that will help you achieve the things you want out of life.

—Mark Ledford

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About the Author

A husband, father, banker and former football coach, Mark Ledford has a passion to help people live their lives to the fullest. At the age of 22, Mark began his banking career as a teller rising through the ranks to become President of the same community bank in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky where he and his family continue to make their home today.

Mark, a graduate and former football player at Morehead State University, states that the game played an instrumental part in his development as a person and a leader. Voted captain of his college team by his teammates, he led by example and continues this same philosophy in his career and family today. Mark and his wife Christy, have one daughter, Micah.

Mark can be contacted at markledfordbooks@gmail.com or by direct mail at:

Mark Ledford
PO Box 258
Mt. Sterling, KY 40353

“An inspiring mentor’s guide packed full of basic life skills for a happy, healthy and productive life. The author is a life-long friend who has mastered the principles outlined in this book. The financial chapter alone is a must read for any young person. One detailed example shows a young couple how to save over $350,000 when buying and financing a home. This is a must read for young adults as they begin their own personal journey.”

Colonel Randy Ware,
U.S. Marine Corp, Retired

“This book provides a practical, long-term strategy to building a successful and happy life. The author’s advice is based on principles that are reliable and offer a good foundation for any reader.”

Elmer K. Whitaker,
President & CEO – Whitaker Bank, Inc.

“In our world today, common sense is no longer very common and common courtesy and manners are on their way to extinction as well. In Simplified Success, Mark Ledford lays out very simple methods to help young people and their parents navigate our hectic world with Jesus Christ as their guide.”

David M. Duzyk,
Friend for 53 years and Wall Street Investment Banker

“This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in becoming successful. You will find it to be engaging, insightful, and easy to read.  Simplified Success is a brilliant yet practical approach to life. Mark Ledford is a wise and seasoned man who speaks in a manner with whom all ages can identify. His book captures five main areas of life and simplifies them into this quick read. Every chapter provides time-tested guidelines and gives practical and simple reminders of things anyone can do to make life better. Parents, this book can be used as a conversation starter and discussion point for these five areas of living: social, financial, job preparation, physical and spiritual health. Read it this weekend and change your life forever!”

Pastor V.P. Palmer,
Freedom Church – Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

“Many times, you find a book that speaks to one generation or about one facet of life. What you find in Simplified Success: 5 Keys to an Amazing Life, is a book that crosses multiple generations and speaks to all facets of life. The author writes from personal experiences but also goes beyond these experiences, landing truths in the heart of every reader. This book will give you the building blocks to a better life and the knowledge to become the best you.”

Patrick Lager, Pastor,
International Evangelist & Area President, Whitaker Bank

“Simplified Success: 5 Keys to an Amazing Life” is an insightful, self-improvement book that outlines how young people can overcome life’s obstacles and increase success through simple, effective tips. This well-written book provides anyone with the uncovered secrets of a successful life. My entire career has been spent preparing young men and women for life’s journey. This book guides them through this journey.”

Edward C. Stepanchuk II, LTC (Ret),
U.S. Army, High School Senior Army Instructor

“In his book, Simplified Success, Mark Ledford shares with his readers in a concise yet thorough manner “Five Keys to an Amazing Life.” Having known Mark for over 40 years, I am comfortable in saying that much of his success has come from what he now writes. As a grandparent of four, I will see that each grandchild receives a copy of this book. No one is too young to be taught these principles, nor too old to begin living them.”

David Points,
Retired High School Principal, Administrator & Coach

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